You’ll See.... There is No Comparison

Ghost Crab Docks features the Hurrisafe Design Series of Docks, Fishing Platforms/Gazebos, Floating Docks and Kayak Launches. All are modular designed sections that can be removable in minutes per section by two people should a Hurricane approach. Why risk your investment hoping it will survive a storm or pay thousands more to try to defeat mother nature. With a removable Dock from Ghost Crab Docks, you can easily remove your dock in front of a storm and return it to the water right after the storm. Back in the Water the next day!

Compare and then call Ghost Crab Docks!

ItemGhost Crab DocksOther Docks
Offer Docks, Fishing Platforms/Gazebos, Floating Docks and Kayak Launches
Patent Pending Design
Aluminum or Wood Frames
2 Year Workmanship Warranty
2 – 12 Year Material Warranty
Maintenance Free Aluminum
Detailed Dock Design Provided for Your Approval
Removable Docks
Removable Fishing Platforms / Gazebos
Removable Floating Docks
Removable Kayak Launches
Multiple Decking Options
Multiple Railing Options
Economical Pricing
Dock Removal in Hours before a Hurricane
Modular Design
Factory Manufactured
Repair Your Damaged Dock for a Fraction of Cost
Free Site Visit and Estimates???