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George Jones

George Jones

George Jones has been interested in business from an early age. His first job at 11 years old, was a newspaper route located inside the local hospital in Wheeling WV. This position taught him how to interact with a wide variety of people and more importantly, taught him the real opportunity wasn’t the commission on the newspaper, it was the tips that could be earned by running errands to the gift shop for patients. (Hard to believe cigarettes and smoking in the hospital were a reality in 1975!) He went on to graduate from Wheeling Central Catholic High School and Wheeling Jesuit College with a BS in Chemistry. Upon graduating college, he moved to St. Petersburg, Fl where he met his wife Holli, a Wilmington native.

After working in pharmaceutical and medical equipment sales for 9 years, he was hired as a regional sales manager for a dental manufacturer. After 3 years of spending 30-40 hours a week in dental offices, he knew he had found his true calling. With his wife’s support, he quit his job, sold their house and enrolled in dental school.

Dr. Jones completed his training at the University Of Florida College Of Dentistry in 2003. He graduated in the top of his class and served as Class President during his junior and senior years. After graduating, Dr. Jones immersed himself in his new career and tried to learn everything he could about the latest techniques and materials. As he came to be recognized as a clinician who embraces the latest in technology, Dr. Jones became a product evaluator and consultant to several dental manufacturers, as well as an author and lecturer who has presented continuing education courses to dentists throughout the United States.

But the passion of recognizing new opportunities and developing them, have never left Dr. Jones. At the beginning of the Covid Epidemic, he partnered with several friends to start a Commercial Disinfection Business based on a unique naturally occurring disinfectant that is 80 times more effective than bleach, but could be manufactured on-site – thus avoiding supply chain issues.

He partnered with a former co-worker from his Dental Equipment Sales job, to begin manufacturing dental cabinetry to be sold direct to the dentist, as a means of delivering a high quality dental specific product, that offers significant savings by avoiding the dental distributer mark ups.

He was introduced to the concept of removable “Hurri-safe” Docks by his business partner Chris Nesselroade. The idea of being able to cost effectively install a dock on a fixed pier and be able to remove it when a hurricane approaches was to good to pass up. This opportunity to be a part of another startup that has great promise was definitely something I wanted to be a part of.